Hey there! Here’s what I do:

I design and illustrate logos, signs, greeting cards, books, CD packaging, posters and ads. Also murals, banners, informational graphics, charts, and PowerPoint presentations. I am passionate about keeping journals and sketchbooks. I give presentations, teach drawing and sketching and SoulCollage® workshops. I like to encourage everyone to utilize and enjoy their innate creativity and make time for its expression. In 2006, I  met with Rex Smith, editor of the Times Union, and pitched an idea to him for a feature about nature in the Capital District. I have been writing and illustrating the “Backyard Naturalist” ever since. I am also the weekly editorial artist for the  Altamont Enterprise. I’ve illustrated the YA chapter book, “Way of Water” (Chelsea Green), how to books, “Create a Yoga Practice For Kids” & “Yoga for Teens” (Sunstone Press), and numerous publications for Llewellyn Worldwide. My preferred mediums are a fine line black marker or rapidiograph pen, and sketchbooks, my camera, and digital tools like my scanner and printer and Adobe CS PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In my personal artwork I enjoy painting with acrylics, collage and mixed media. I am interested in juxtapositions between different forms, words, images, colors, shapes, visual ideas and concepts. I’m inspired by the natural world, kindness, and the intangible Spirit, or Energy, that connects everything. I’m especially fond of using birds as symbols of freedom, hope, perseverance, and rebirth in my work.